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PURCHASING - Purchasing bbBoard v2

What's the difference between purchasing and renting?

There are no differences between the quality, features, or support available with bbBoard v2 whether you are purchasing or renting a copy. The only difference is the price.

  • Purchasing a license is a one-time fee, which you pay when you order the software. You may then use the software forever, with no additional charges. You can purchase a license at:

  • Renting a license is a recurring fee - a payment every month. The benefit to this option is the price is very cheap, so if you have a limited budget, this shouldn't break the bank. You can rent a license at:


There are two different licenses available when purchasing a copy of bbBoard v2.

  • Personal License

    This license is for users who wish to use the software only for personal, non-commercial use.

  • Business License

    This license is for businesses who wish to use the software for their business - for example a company's technical support forums. Personal users may also purchase or rent this license if they believe it may be used for business purposes in the future.

You must choose the correct license when you order. If you purchased a Personal license and wish to upgrade to a Business License, please contact our support department at:

How To Order

To purchase or rent a copy of bbBoard v2, please visit:

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